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"Robin Hood" Tutorial with Daniel Canet

(Originally posted September 1, 2015)

The British Flat Figure Society commissioned Vladimir Nuzhdin to engrave one of their more recent pieces, “Robin Hood.” If I were to judge by the number of people who painted it, I would say it was a success. I’m sorry to say I don’t know if there are any copies left.

Some time ago, I posted a “study” in another piece engraved by Vladimir as well. It was “St. George and the Dragon.” I posted photos of the slate, the engraving, and a variety of copies showing how different painters approached the work of rendering the figure. When you have a beautiful sculpt beautifully painted, you have a winning combination. (I am no expert in these matters. I am going by my own personal taste.)

Well, I think “Robin Hood” fits into the same category. It is more whimsical than the “St George” piece, but what a great figure. Take a look:

"Robin Hood" Engraving by Vladimir Nuzhdin for IFFS

Daniel Canet's Step-by-Step

(Note: I used the program “Babylon” in an attempt to translate Daniel’s notes. I fear I was not very successful in capturing everything he wrote. I tried tweeting the text here and there.

I started in the middle to validate my illumination axis (between 10h and 11h) on the part that seems tricky to deal with, in fact Will and Little John form a “V”. So I direct lighting on the 1st and on the 2nd shaving. For all the joys of the flat I have no preference for skin tones but they always come after validation lighting.

A small suite

Robin: pants green

  • yellow cadmium dark + indigo

  • clear: yellow of Naples

  • dark: indigo:

Little John:

  • plastron green = earth green + green cadmium clear

  • clear: yellow of Naples clear

  • dark: earth green + indigo

Will’s Boots

  • green of small-Jean + mars red

  • clear: yellow cadmium + dark

  • dark: indigo

Will’s Cap

  • red cadmium + dark red cadmium clear

  • clear: yellow cadmium + dark

  • dark: indigo

I began with the carnations of Friar Tuck and Robin. My palette is composed of earth of Siena natural, white titanium, red cadmium clear for the database and crimson alizarin red, green earth for the shadows Will and Friar Tuck will have different carnations (Will is roux and the brother good living).

Tunic of Robin: yellow to dark cadmium + tip of blue black – clarified to white of titanium

Shirt of Will: white titanium + tip of indian yellow (any small tip to illuminate the white)

the land of cassel warmed up and the neutral shade cools tights as bure Friar Tuck: earth d& # 039 ;burned umber + ultramarine blue + red Breughel – clarified the yellow of Naples

Shadows : land of cassel + neutral shade (the 2 Magasin Sennelier);

tights Little John: burnt umber + red + blue overseas advanced Breughel – highlighted with titanium white

Tights as Friar Tuck: earth burned umber + ultramarine blue + tip of red Breughel – clarified to white of titanium

I tried to bring some light back slightly from giving as I wrote above a horizontal lighting on Little John and Will head-on; the photo is a bit overexposed so that the white flashes of Will too

I have some final shards to wear once the colors will be dry.

The colors “sweets” are meant to illustrate the humorous side of these characters that are not as hardy fighters.

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