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Peter Macfarlane Saves the day

By now, many who visit this site know about the loss of the previous site. I used that site as a means for collecting photos of people, engravings and painted pieces as well as interviews. It was a personal collection kept on the internet for safe keeping that was shared with anyone interested.

Among the choice items on the lost site were two articles from old sources—magazines now no longer in print. (How much great material must be in those resources?!) Well, among those articles were articles on painting flats, one centered on Walter Fischer's work and the other on Greg DiFranco's work. I did the best I could to piece the one on Greg DiFranco, but the other one was lost, or so I thought.

Peter MacFarlane contacted me through the site to tell me that he saved the pdf files of both articles. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to have access to these articles thanks to Peter Macfarlane. So, thanks to him I am posting them below.

"Painting Flats" by Walter Fischer was first found in "Campaigns Magazine."

Download PDF • 1.61MB

(The photo above is of Greg Difranco (center) demonstrating his painting techniques. Marilyn Neurohr is looking over his right shoulder and Stefan Wachter is standing on his left. Jim Horan is painting in the foreground.)

Greg DiFranco's article is titled "Painting Flats: The Effective Use of Light and Shadow in Color Value." It originally appeared in "Historical Miniature Magazine" (September/Octobr 2003, No. 39). I obtained the publisher, Stephen Weasley, and Greg's permission to post it on this site with modifications. I don't know how many times I have read this article. It bears re-reading.

Download PDF • 6.45MB

I already posted Greg's article in an earlier post, but it not the original post as it appeared on so many years ago.

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