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"Painting Flats" by Greg Difranco

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Painting Flats DiFranco
Download PDF • 18.18MB

The 35-page pdf file above was written by Greg Difranco several years ago. It is titled "Painting Flats: The Effective Use of Light and Shadow in Color Value," and originally appeared in a great magazine, now defunct, titled, "Historical Miniature Magazine." It appeared in the September/October 2003, No. 39 edition. Greg supplied the text, charts and all the photos of flats are pieces he painted.

If for no other reason, it represents the kind of artifact from the last site that I want to preserve for the future. It would be a travesty for this kind of thing to be buried in an out-of-print magazine or a website "lost in space".

On another note, I received a kind note from Peter MacFarlane who said the previous site had rejuvenated his interest in flats. He knows that I am trying to revive the site and informed me that he downloaded the pdf by Greg Difranco and another article on written by Walter Fischer. So, some of the site has been preserved in this way.

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