David Powell, a member of SCAHMS, pointed me to the website of Wylie Beckert to see a project she has been working Wylie Beckerton relating to playing cards. Wylie is designing a new deck of playing cards using her skills as an illustrator. I am very impressed with what I see and even placed an order.

What you will find on her site is a gallery, a sketchblog, a shop to buy her products and a link with several tutorials on how she does what she does to create such beautiful paintings. She uses graphite dust, colored pencils, acrylics, oils, and walnut ink. I am not going to detail her technique when it would be so much better for you to watch the videos she has available. If you are looking for an illustrator, you can contact her through the site as well.

The question for me is, is there anything about her technique that could be applied to the painting of flat tin figures? You decide.

You can find her website at www.wyliebeckert.com.

Here is a sample video:

Here are some pics of the playing card deck she has been working on:

Jack of Spades



King of Diamonds



Queen of Clubs



Queen of Hearts



King of Hearts


I encourage you to check out her Kickstarter if interested in any of her products. The project is called “Wicked Kingdom.” Her Kickstarter project can be found here: www.kickstarter.com.

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