What is KLIO?

(Vladimir Nuzhdin introduced me to an organization called KLIO at the show in Kulmbach this year (2015). Andreas Barz has been a lifetime member of KLIO and consented to an interview to familiarize readers with the organization.)


What is KLIO ?

“KLIO – Deutsche Gesellschaft der Freunde und Sammler kulturhistorischer Zinnfiguren e.V.”

“KLIO – German Society of Friends and Collectors of historico-cultural Tin Figures (registered society)“ is a non-profit-making society with the aim to illustrate history by means of the flat tin figure. In the focus of interest we are different from special fields such as ethnology, geography, local history as well as the history of costumes, uniforms, weapons, armour, figures and editors of those.

The KLIO was founded in 1924 and named after the Greek muse of historiography. The KLIO has actual about Symbol figure of the KLIO800 members and publishes the monthly journal “Die Zinnfigur”. The KLIO has many subdivisions in the German states e.g. the KLIO Baden-Württemberg, the KLIO Berlin, to name just a few. There are also special teams/working groups of interest like KLIO Shogun, KLIO Fantasy, KLIO Seven Years War etc. Every two years a national gathering of the KLIO is held. The actual president of the KLIO is Thomas Beier.

For further information please check the official website of the KLIO: http://www.zinnfiguren-klio.de/

In what kinds of projects does KLIO participate?

The KLIO promotes our hobby and gives a starting-aid to beginners and to everyone else interested by trying to answer most of their questions and is recruiting new members for our hobby on every occasion.

Are they involved with the Flat Figure Tin Figure Museum at the Plassenburg ?

The KLIO supports all the figure museums in Germany in any form if help is requested.

Especially the special teams and working groups of the KLIO play an important role here e.g. in offering and managing exhibitions to the different museums or help in any form requested.

N.B: Besides the KLIO there is a special support association “Friends of the Plassenburg” who gives aid to the museum in research and topics on everything related to flats. This support association has nothing to do with the KLIO but most of its members are members of the KLIO as well. This association supports the Tin Figure Museum at the Plassenburg in particular.

How can others benefit from the research the KLIO does in addition to the website and periodical ?

The monthly journal and the website are important instruments giving answers to most of the questions beginners and experienced collectors have. The website can also be used for doing research on figures and its editors. A data bank for this purpose is in progress.

The website keeps you up-to-date on dates for current and coming exhibitions, gives you the possibility for research and is providing you with links to editors, other societies and to useful sites related to our hobby. Furthermore you have a gallery called “Bilderforum” with beautiful painted figures by the collectors.

The KLIO assists as well in mediating of selling figures and whole collections of late collectors etc.

(Editorial Note: If you would like to benefit from or support the work KLIO does membership for those outside of Germany is 55 Euro a year plus 12,78 Euro for postage—for the magazine “Die Zinnfigur”. http://www.zinnfiguren-klio.de/)

Thank you, Andreas.