Welcome to the site. The engraving featured in this entry is, for me, one of those “must have” figures. If I were to judge by the number of accomplished artists who have painted and entered it in competition, I would conclude it must one of their favorites as well. I hope to feature the talented engraver of this piece, Vladimir Nuzhdin, soon. Penny Meyer painted the engraving in the second photo.

If you are wondering why there is yet another website on the already cluttered internet highway, let me explain. There are hosts of sites selling flat tin figures; others dedicated to engravers and painters; and still others to collectors. There is a very useful site in England, The British Flat Figures Society. Do not miss the forum on this site.

I wanted to create a site that brought the world of flats together. So, on this site you can expect to find feature articles on engravers, painters and tutorials. I will try to inform you of shows and other related events. You may even find an item here or there related to the world of miniature figures, but predominantly, this site is dedicated to the art of painting flats.

I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I want to make this a site worth visiting. The intention of the work posted will be to inform and inspire. I am excited about the future of this site.

Best wishes,

Steven Lloyd

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  1. I can only vouch for the quality of this figure, and Vladimirs work in general.
    I am also looking much forward to see how this site develops with such people as Gregg and Penny Myers, All the best from Denmark

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