I have some pleasant friends I’ve never met face to face; Kjeld Buchholtz, Ken Farrar, Jim Horan, Marilyne Neurohr, Vladimir Nuzhdin, and Rich Odell to name a few. Rich sent me two pieces painted by Walter Damon thinking I might be interested in featuring his work on the site. He was right. I trust my friends’ judgment because they are so much more knowledgable in the field of flats than I am. I am just a love of flats, they are experts.

Here are the two pieces Rich sent me of Walt Damon’s work:

Patrick Henry



Rich sent me Walter Damon’s email. I asked him for permission to post the two pieces above. (Some of you might recognize the second one as a piece sculpted by Ken Farrar—”Prisoners at Gettysburg”.) I also asked Walt to tell me about himself and to send more pics of his work.

Walt has a great sense of humor—or maybe it’s his wife who has the sense of humor. Since Walt was willing to share the story, it is probably both of them who have the sense of humor. I laughed out loud when I read the following description by Walt:

I live in the town of Wilbraham in Western Massachusetts. There are 5 serious figure painters out here.  With a transplant to Virginia by one of us, we all (6) meet up at figure shows in matching Hawaiian shirts.  Our wives think we act like a bunch of girls getting ready for the prom.  Shirts are great chick magnets at restaurants especially when they see “harmless” tattooed on our foreheads.
Great fun!!  As road trips to shows should be.

I am on the far right, The US liaison to the British Flat Figure Society, Pat Deluhery, is on the far left.  Left to right…Pat, Pete Dawson, Herb Forgey, Don Johnson, Loren Johnson and myself.

Here is more of Walt’s work:








I Hope to see more of Walt’s work!


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  1. Good to see Walt’s work here he is a very talented guy – so pleased to know that it will be seen by many more artists within our community.


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