If it were not for the talented engravers past and present, painters would be without flat tin figures to paint and to display and to enter into competitions. The first time I saw Penny Meyer’s painting of St. George and the Dragon, I knew I wanted to improve my skills to paint one of the same. If you can imagine this, the engraver, Vladimir Nuzhdin, sent me a copy of the flat as a gift through Penny Meyer.

A new book on the engravings of Vladimir Nuzhdin has been published.

английская реклама 01английская реклама 03

гравюра по Маленькому принцу.


Below is a pic of Vladimir’s work station.



Here is an excerpt or two from the book:

…in the very centre of the Soviet Union, in the city of Leningrad, in crumbly years of Brezhnev slackness a group of not the most reliable youngsters is building the entire world with their own hands. They are studying history of wars, military uniform, tactics, basics of economy, cartography, founding and molding, metal working, art painting and finally engraving! And all this is being done at a tepid pace, at home and skerry, under the counter.

1 V.N. Nuzhdin created his first army in week and a half, having molded and painted in oils eighty figures with one sharpened match! In the Soviet Union squirrel-hair brushes were in scarce supply. The mother could not but be glad at her son: doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t smash faces in backstreets, doesn’t even play hockey.


In the morning, after breakfast so long awaited moment finally came. But before the rivals wrote “battle-orders” on paper patches – maneuvers, attacks, false debouchment, etc. Then they gave all those sheets to the mediator, thus entrusting their plans to God’s will.

And so it began! The aides-de-camp were riding transmitting the commanders’ orders. The troops were shooting at zones of defeat. Squadrons and battalions were moving in measured distance. All pluses and minuses of the current situation were being so accurately calculated that brain was getting ready to explode, and dies defined the destiny of the scrimmage.

Sometimes it became really hot at the gaming table and turned to be a rough stuff.

The participants started to show their ambitions. How can I lose the game to some N?.. Me, so clever and talented! The players rebelled against God-mediator’s neglect, manipulation of rules and above all against treason of the nasty die.

Here is another of my favorite engravings by Vladimir, painted by Penny Meyer.

Broncing Horse

I hope to have more on Vladimir in the future.

Thanks Vladimir for your help and for the gift of the engraving of St. George and the Dragon.

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