Some artists engrave but I don’t think they paint—at last I haven’t seen anything they have painted. Their skill at engraving is enviable. On the other hand, there are plenty of us who paint, but do not engrave. Vladimir, a favorite engraver for many, also paints. He sent a few photos of his work for the site. If I understood his email correctly, he engraved the first piece of Russian Emperor Nicholas, and painted it with oils.

для рекламы

This next photo is of a diorama he painted. It is engraved by R. Baumgarten. All I can say is, “Wow!”


для фейсбука

I have posted a sufficient number of items from Vladimir to warrant adding a new category to the site. As I run across contributions from him, I will include them under the category by his name, “Vladimir Nuzhdin.” So, when you want to see all of the references to his work on this site, all you need to do is select his name and every entry will be listed for your pleasure.

Thank you Vladimir.

2 thoughts on “Vladimir, Engraver and Painter

  1. His ability to create depth is astounding! The horse in the first photo is masterful, an all round expert in his craft.

    Simply do not know how these engravers work in reverse (its hard enough creating a figure in relief!). I take my hat off to them…

    1. Rich,
      Just imagine what a mystery all of it is for those of us who are just learning to paint and who have never engraved or sculpted.

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