My guess is that there are a few painters who only paint flat tin figures. Many paint the fully round figures as well. I didn’t learn there was a world of flat tin figures until I attended an IPMS Show in Anaheim and the SCAHMS Show a number of years ago. My introduction to painting figures began with fully round figures, but I am glad to have been introduced to the world of flats.

Browsing the International Flat Figure Society the other day I ran across a link to Victor Wong’s website, or should I say websites. Victor is one of those whose interests include flats, but include other aspects of the art as well. I wrote to Victor asking a few questions. Here is his response:

VicpicMy interests inminiatures and the purpose of my flats website was to communicate my pleasure in discovering flats and their deployment in shadow-box dioramas.

I am largely a ronde-osse miniaturist and enjoy converting, researching and sculpting my own figures. I also explore areas outside of the military sphere and have built up considerable information on oriental and ethnic costumes. For space considerations and scale consistency, I focus mainly on 54mm figures as this is the smallest practical scale to represent all the details that I wish to capture in the human form.
The hobby is all about aesthetics which I explore largely from two perspectives:- miniatures as detailed masterpieces where I can hone my craftsmanship  and, as toy figures where I can explore abstracted art forms in miniatures.
I further elaborate on this by making my own automata.
Besides placing my figures in a small vignette setting,   I like to explore the display of larger dioramas. Space constraints forced me to explore smaller scales for these more ambitious dioramas. I am more interested in shadow-box dioramas as these allow the use of layering and forced perspectives to compress large scenes into manageable depths. Flat tin figures in their 30mm thousands offer the obvious solution to populating these sorts of displays. Flats are largely underexplored outside of specific circles. What I have done with my website is to share the joys of my acquisitions, and their eventual deployment in my aesthetic pursuits.
I have linked up all aspects of my miniature pastimes and visitors can access specific topics as they wish.
Best regards,

Here is another photo from his collection.


I recommend you check out the links Victor provides above, especially the first one on flats. Thanks, Victor.

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