I have a number of new posts to release but I lack an item or two for them to be complete. There is a study of the “Robin Hood” flat engraved by Vladimir Nuzhdin, and painted by several painters. I have a gallery of portraits from the show in Kulmbach, and another gallery of the city of Kulmbach (thanks to my wife). There is an interview on the way with Daniel Canet.

I am still trying to find some of the notes I took from the show. Once I find them, I will release several of the upcoming posts. Thanks for visiting the site. The number of visits that are tallied every day by WordPress have been encouraging. Last year there was a record number of visits in one day that was in the low 600s. Last week, that number was broken several times. One Saturday 973 people visited the site.

If you have any recommendations on how to improve the site, I am open for suggestions.

Best wishes,


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