I have solicited the help of some very talented people in the world of flats who are hoping to Richlieusolicit the help of others to help make this a site that is educational, informative, and tutorial. There were some excellent articles printed in the now defunct magazine “Historical Miniatures Magazine”–articles by Greg DiFranco, Peter Ferk, and others. Greg DiFranco and Peter Ferk have given me permission to reprint those articles on the site. I also hope to obtain permission to include other articles that appeared in that HM so they are not lost in the world of “out of print.”

I spoke with Penny Meyer today at the IPMS Show in Pasadena. I am thrilled about the material she will be sending our way.

And there are others whose talent I have admired for several years now that I have promise of contacting to post some of their beautiful work. In fact, the very work that provoked me to explore the world of flats.

The piece featured in this post was painted by Penny Meyer. I happened to see this piece a number of years ago before any color had been added—in grayscale. I would have been glad to have it simply in grayscale, it was so beautiful, but in color it is absolutely beautiful. The photo does not do justice to the piece. (I don’t think photos ever do justice to any piece.)

There are some exciting days ahead.

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