4-29-1. Warm Pallet: Vallejo Salmon Rose, Flat Flesh, Scarlet. AB Terra Cotta, Spice Red, delta Queen Annes Lace. Cool Pallet: Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue,  AB Spice Red and Chocolate Brown. Worked on balancing flesh with a highlight; going back in with darks.  Added a small bit of Queen Annes lace to light flesh for high highlight. Added Spice red in the shadows, added a small bit of blue to spice red for a purple in the shadows.

Darkened hair with chocolate brown. Glazed jacket and tie with Dark Prussian blue. Mixed gray with choc. Brown and Prussian blue and white, worked on shading the white shirt.


4-29-2. Warm skin pallet: Vallejo salmon rose and flat flesh and scarlet. AB Red Spice. Worked on highlight on skin. The temp outside is 101 at 2pm and my paint is drying too fast for detail work.

AB Liberty Blue on highlights of jacket. Vallejo Dk. Prussian Blue glazes over whole jacket. Glazes in the shadow areas to build up dark blue.

Tie: AB Midnight Blue and spice red, tad of white for highlight.

4-30-1. Finishingtouches, Made a gray with Vallejo Dk. Prussian Blue and Cam. Black Brown and white and touched up whites of eye with varying tints of gray. Used Blick Dark Blue Light and Prussian blue and Vallejo White for blue of eye.  Highlighted eye with light gray.

Darkened a few crags around eye, and darkened hair with the dark Prussian blue/brown mix. Darkened folds in tie and suit details.

Added white and highlighted white shirt with med. Light gray.

Mixed purple with Prussian blue and AB Spice Red and added white for Tie. Finished painting tie with various shades of purple and blue and white. Added a tiny bit of highlight on ear and neck with Vallejo Flat Flesh.


Prepped a 4×4 canvas with 2 layers of gesso and 8 layers of Burnt Umber Liquitex Matt acrylic.


Shaded and highlighted Burnt Umber on canvas with Blick Dark Blue deep and Holbein Matt acrylic color Yellow Ochre.


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