Third Installment:

4-26. Vallejo Cam Black Brown and Dk Prussian Blue.  shaded hair and dark areas. Glazed skin with AB (Apple Barrel) Spice Red in shadows.


4-27. Skin Pallet: Vallejo Flat Flesh and Salmon Rose, Dk Prussian Blue, Cam. Black Brown; Apple Barrel Spice Red, Brown Oxide and Terra Cotta; Model Master Burnt Sienna. Mixed dark colors with a little spice red and a tiny it of blue. Glazed with water and blending medium into cracks. Very thin washes.  Salmon Rose and Flesh and spice red and burnt sienna for med flesh areas Flesh and Salmon Rose in highlight. Blend back and forth as well as touching places with washes of color.



4-28-1.  Skin Pallet Highlight: Vallejo Flat Skin and Salmon Rose and AB Terra Cotta. Focused on placing small dots of transparent color to build up highlight areas.



4-28-2. AB Spice Red, Blick Dark Blue Light (Cerulean Blue), Vallejo Salmon Rose and Scarlet. Glazed reds in the shadows, salmon rose in some highlight areas. Added blue washes to shadows. Using small dots of transparent paint. Washed the jacket and tie with blue.



Started prepping some mounting solutions. 2 canvases, 4×4, 4×5 and an oval wood plaque. Using Liquitex Burnt Umber over 2 coats of gesso. 8 layers of brown.



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