Second Installment (4/25/2013):

4-15  Pallette warm: Apple Barrel Terra Cotta, , Brown Oxide, Delta Ceramcoat Queen Annes Lace. Cool: Dick Blick Dark Deep Blue, Apple Barrel Brown Oxide and Barn Red and Folk Art Burnt Umber. Glazed into shadows with brownish reds with a little blue. Highlighted areas with warn mixes using very thin washes.


4-25 Palette for eyes: Dick Blick Dark Blue Deep, Apple Barrel Liberty Blue and Meadow Green. Folk Art Burnt Umber and Vallejo White. Mixed Burnt Umber and Dark Blue for dark, Liberty Blue and Dark Blue for Medium and Liberty Blue and Meadow green for light and added shite to this for lightest. Made Gray with blue/brown mix and added white for white of eye.

Washed Model Maser Burnt Sienna into highlight area of hair using #2 brush.

Glazed skin shadows with Apple Barrel Spice Red to liven up the blue.


(more to come…)


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