Jim Horan sent me a photo he took at the 2013 Kulmbach show of the a few pieces engraved by Wolfgang Friedrich. This year, 2015, I met Wolfgang for the first time. Unfortunately, we could not communicate with one another because I don’t know German and he doesn’t know English. But, to my great delight there happened to be someone there who knew both—Rick Sanders. Rick, as it turned out works for the US Embassy in Germany, and speaks fluent German.

Wolfgang and I have been trying to conduct an interview, but not with much luck. We were able to communicate enough for him to send me a number of photos of his work. A few pieces of his work have been selected for you to see. I have also created a gallery under Engravers’ Galleries to make it easier for people to see his work conveniently.

Here is some of his work unpainted:

A 2

A 3
A 5

A 6

A 7

A 8

A 9

A 10

A 11

A 12

A 13

A 14

A 15

A 16


The following were painted by Jörg Hensel:

Bild 1

Bild 2

Bild 3

Bild 4

Bild 5

Bild 9

Bild 11

Bild 12

Bild 13

Bild 14

Bild 15

Bild 16x

Bild 17x

Bild 18

Bild 19x

Bild 20x

Bild 21

Bild 22

Here are a few photos from the Kulmbach show 2015.






Greg DiFranco found several pieces he liked at Mr. Friedrich’s booth.



If anyone knows how to get in touch with Jörg Hensel, please let me know. I have been given his email address twice and neither address worked. It kept coming back “returned.”

A bonus photo of Wolfgang’s workstation:

A 17

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  1. A fantastic example of what can be reached by a great engraver and a great painter

  2. Fantastic flats !!! in Kulmbach this year, on EBay, and painted … Wolfgang is really a master in his field in the world !!! ………… now is to paint them too .. Thank you !!

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