Some of the best material on this site is due to friends letting me know about other talent in the world. Rich Serhan Oflas_1Odell, no insignificant sculptor himself, sent me a link to the work of Serhan Oflas of Istanbul, Turkey. I contacted Serhan to ask if he would allow me to feature his work on the site. He graciously accepted and sent me more than I hoped for.

Much like the work of Gary Dombrowski and Rich Odell, Serhan sculpts relief work. He sent several step-by-step projects. I also asked if he would send me information about himself. Here is what he writes:

I am a 42 year old Electrical Engineer in Marine Market, from Istanbul, Türkiye. I started the modeling hobby when I was a kid (around 1982-83) with plastic aircraft kits of Airfix and kits of our local company PM. I was not aware of the “art” side of the hobby until I met with the figure painting in mid 90’s. The winds of  Verlinden were blowing all around the world. Artist’s Oil paints were starting to appear on our workbenches and everybody was trying to catch finishes closer to Verlinden’s. As time passed, techniques and materials changed rapidly, many more products and companies fulfilled the market with a variety of paints, acrylics, weathering materials, filters, chalks, washes, pigments, and much more.

I was quite tired of following all of those and decided to stop active modeling about 2008 and started to follow “modeling society” on internet. I noticed that following internet sites, group, and societies was very helpful for upgrading modeling skills and the world became smaller. Certainly Theory without practise is nothing and in the beginning of 2015, I slowly began to make new stash of paints with Vallejo range and few metal figures and resin busts and start learn acrylic paints again, still goes on.

Flats. Yes, I was aware of them in 90’s from the Modeling Magazines before internet era. About year ago, when I again took a look at the Flat world in, this time I saw things totally different. I saw many more kinds, and elegant works with the sparks of the sharp skilled artists who perfected their skills with many years of experience. Now, I see Flats very differently because my understanding of the model, color,  paint has totally changed. I started to see and understand those efforts of sculpting and paint, color, lights and shadows that they have been performed.. and thought that what a bad kid I was…

So, I decided to jump in. Before I started sculpting, I inspected Richard Odell’s and Gary Dombrowski’s works on their websites and decided to follow Gary Dombrowski’s way. My first sculpting effort was Yavuz Sultan Selim in July. I shared with the people on the internet. Concerning materials, Richard Odell shared his experiences with me and I followed. Due to lack of my drawing skill, (I can’t even draw a “stick man“ on paper. I can not design my works. So I prefer to find an artwork, contact the artist and ask his permissions to make semi round plate copies of his works and then hitting my bench. Selling of my works was not in my plans in the beginning, but I started selling when some people asked to have one of them in forums.

If you would like to see more of Serhan’s work, visit his blog at

Here is a sample of Serhan’s work:



Uboat 58_9

Yavuz Selim_5

Below are four galleries showing Serhan’s step-by-step process.

In the Harkov Trenches

Sophia Baffo

Boat 58

Yavuz Selim

If you are interested in purchasing any of Serhan’s works to paint yourself, you can contact him by means of his email: He will send you a pdf file with all the information you need for ordering.

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