I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Much of what is posted is equivalent to junk mail. But every now and then, an important note from family or a friend appears. Important messages come through Facebook rather than email. It is also a great way to keep up with people who have mutual interests.

im 036I found Fabrizio Cheli’s work posted on Facebook, and knew it would make for a great contribution on the site. I sent Fabrizio a message asking if he had the time to answer a few basic questions and to send me photos of his work. Like other contributors to the site, he was very gracious.

I sent him a few questions and this is what he wrote:

I was born in Fenza, 11 August 1961. I live in Faenza – Ravenna, in the north of Italy.
I started painting flat figures at the end of 2012, because I bought some subjects in Kulmbach in 2009.
My friend Mario Venturi – do you know him? He has a lot of customers in USA, he is a master in round figures. In 2012 asked me to paint for him some W. Friedrich medioeval figures. I really enjoyed that work so I went on painting flats.
I use an acrylic base (not vinyl) and I end up with oils.
I followed Gianfranco Speranza and Serge Franzoia’s articles on some specialized magazines. I appreciate their style very much.
I started painting flats only 2 years and a half ago and I’m trying to learn, paying particular attention to other painters works and looking at great painters of the past (such as Caravaggio, Rembrant, Fattori…) to better understand how to use lights and shadows in order to give a stronger depth to my subjects.
I always try to improve my technique: I always think that next work will be better than the last one. I’m an incurable optimist!
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Fabrizio sent me 25 photos of his work. I did not want to omit any of them, so I created a gallery of his work on this page. Enjoy!

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