Uwe’s work has graced the pages of Facebook on numerous occasions, not only his painting but his engraving work as well. Uwe sent some photos of his work with a few comments. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Uwe Ehmke lives in Hildesheim Germany and works as a “Software Consultant Finance/Controlling.” He writes,

Born 1965 in Pforzheim – between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart Germany.

My parents are from Pomerania and East-Prussia so some old stories about Blücher, Lützow and York came to my ears when I was about 12 years old. An old book written by Karl May “The Way to Waterloo” was a birthday present at that time. Beginning with AIRFIX Plastic figures I start collecting and painting Miniatures. A few years later I saw in Freiburg Dioramas in the famous Schwabentor showing the German Peasants’ War of 1525- with flat tin figures!!! After that time I start collecting flat tin figures – and with 16 years I try for the first time to engrave such figures. So that was really depressing in the beginning– but Alexander Windisch-Sachs taught me some basic tricks – then the results got better after some years, but I am still a amateur. So here I show some painted figures from different companies – Thirty Years War. Also the last engravings inspired by my Collectors-Friend Torsten Tenge – a Napoleonic wars specialist – main subject is 1812– most of them are from drawings from Mike Michaelis / Wernigerode Germany. Mike is a very creative Artist and his drawings are full of life in extreme high quality!! My figures can ordered from Thomas Seele www.seelezinnfiguren.de.

In 2016 I hope finishing engraving a big serie for Russian Infantry with the old tschako 1812-13 – this will contain about 80 Items ….. then 2017 is planned a big series, Württemberg Horse and Foot-Artillerie 1812 with three-dimensional canons + limber ammunition wagons …and also Württemberg Chevaulegers 1812-13 and Russian Cuirassiers – all in Combat. All this is possible to do in my little sparetime – because I have a lovely wife!!!!

So I hope you enjoy what you see !!!

Examples of engraving: drawings Mike Michaels engraver Uwe Ehmke

Württemberg Horse Artillerie in Combat 1812

Ehmke Gravur Württ reit Art2

Ehmke Gravur Württ reit Art

Officier Württemberg Chasseurs a Cheval 1809 – 12

Ehmke Jäger zu Pferd Offz mi

Russian dragons 1812-15 – drawing Mike Michaelis/Uwe Ehmke gravur + painting Oil – Color Uwe Ehmke

Ehmke RuDr 1812 _ 1815 2

Russian Infantry with old Tschako 1812-13 drawing Mike Michaelis/Uwe Ehmke gravur + painting Oil – Color Uwe Ehmke

Ehmke Ru Inf group

Uwe's feature image Ehmke Ru Inf Tr

Ehmke Ru Inf Chargen

Ehmke Ru Inf F 1

Ehmke Ru Inf F2


Russian cuirassiers – still work in progress – drawing + gravur Uwe Ehmke

Ehmke RU Kürassiere work inprogress


Württemberg Infantry 181-15 drawing/gravur/painting Oil – Color Uwe Ehmke

Ehmke Württ Infanterie 1813


Murat 1812 drawing Torsten Tenge / Gravur Uwe Ehmke – old gravur in the year 2000/ panting Oil – Color Uwe Ehmke

Cossacks from Scheibert

Murat 1812_1


Different producers – painting Uwe Ehmke Oil – Color


Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Kursachsen2



Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Kursachsen1


Brandenburg, Braunschweig, Danmark, Sweden, Scotisch and German in Swedish service

Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Brandenburg -Braunschw_Dänemark_Schottland


Baden and Palatinate

Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Baden_Pfalz



Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Schwed 02


Imperial, Scotland, Saxon

Ehmke_div_Hersteller_ Kaiserliche


Standarts Bavaria, Kursachen

Ehmke_ div_ Hersteller_Standarten Bayern Kursachsen

6 thoughts on “The Work of Uwe Ehmke

  1. Fascinating work ! I could not come out of these paintings and engravings, admiring again and again and again !!!! …. Acurate, neat, detailed, colourfull, realistic …..
    Congratulation, to be seen I hope in Kulmbach next year too !!!

  2. Fantastic work! Thanks for posting. I am not a war-gamer but have an interest in the Wurttemberg cheveauleger regiments. My grand-mother’s great-grandfather was Friedrich von Batz, mentioned in a few articles you(?) provided on-line. He was an Oberst in the Herzog-Louis regiment. I am trying to find more references about him, especially what exactly happened after he was supposedly captured at Inkowo. A portrait we have of him at age 63 (1851) shows he received the Russia Knight 2nd Class of the Order of St. Anna medal…He was adjutant to Wilhelm 1 during his later career.

    1. Das Gefecht bei Inkowo, am 8. August 1812

      Etwa eine Woche vorher wurde am 8. August Divisionsgenerals Sebastianis 2. leichte Kavalleriedivision bei Inkowo westlich von Smolensk vom russischen Kosakenhetman Platow überfallen. In diesem Gefecht Sebastiani zum Rückzug auf Rudina gezwungen und wieder hatte das württembergische 3. Jäger-Regiment zu Pferd „Herzog Louis“ empfindliche Verluste zu verzeichnen. Der Regimentskommandeur Oberst von Waldburg-Wurzach und sein Adjutant Oberleutnant von Batz wurden verwundet gefangennommen. Insgesamt hatte das Jäger-Regiment 6 Gefallene, 15 Verwundete, 13 Gefangene oder Vermisste und außerdem 23 tote Pferde zu beklagen.

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