Every now and then I see figures posted on Facebook that were posted or shared by someone else. Many of them have caught my eye and I have pursued some of them for permission to exhibit their work. Some flat figure work painted by Tiziana Loretucci happened to be posted last week that I thought was beautiful. As usual, I contacted her asking for permission to post some of her work. She graciously replied with permission. Her work is in both flats and in fully round figures. I am not going to separate them below. Needless to say, it is all a beautiful display of her talents with a brush.

I also asked Tiziana a question or two about her painting technique. Here is what she wrote in reply:

I usually beginning with acrylic and establish the first volumes with lights and shades, then I paint with the oil colors, defining all the volumes until I have the feeling that says “look at me”
I look for defects in the painting by photographing the piece and looking at the photo. If it is missing something the photo clearly shows it.
Best regard and happy new year.

Here is a representation of Tiziana’s work. All of the figures shown below have won awards at one show or another. Enjoy.

13mo Regg Corazzieri Garde du Corps 1757 Prussia

Bronco Billy


Cavallo arabo

Dragone USA


Filippo II Macedone

Filippo II scudo

Generale De Montcalm

Il modellista





The first thanksgiving (2)

The mirror


Tomoe Gozen

Trombettiere Prussiano

Uff. Napoleonico Regno di Napoli


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  1. Congratulations Tiziana! Happy to discover you your talent. I find you better in paiting flats than figurines, with a lot of accuracy brought to your work !! Your technic has something fascinating in the approach and produce very good results. Looking forward to seeing you more on the forum here with your works !!!

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