One of Stefan Wachter’s claims to fame is that he is the only known painter of flat tin figures in Kulmbach, the very city in which the show is referred to as the “Mecca” of the flat tin figure world. He does his city proud in taking his art seriously, so serious that he won a Gold medal for his work at the 2015 Show.

My wife and I were eating dinner with Franz Winkler, Greg DiFranco and Susan, when Stefan showed up with a few slim boxes. I was anxious to see his work… and he was anxious to show it to Greg DiFranco. I was very impressed. This is what he showed me that night.




I was very impressed and you can see why.

Stephan, being a resident of Kulmbach, gave our party a night time tour of the village, showing us the old wall that protected the city so many hundreds of years ago.

Stefan studies under Franz Winkler. I wrote Franz for contact information on Stefan, and Franz sent me some beautiful photos of more of Stefan’s work. I created a gallery of his work, something that can be added to as he paints more figures. Some of those figures are posted below, but you will want to check out the gallery for the rest.

Burgund 2

Burgund 3

Burgund 8

Burgund 12

And here is a pic of Stefan with Franz:

Stefan und Franz

And one of Stefan working in his studio:


Expect to see more of Stefan’s work on the site. For his gallery, go to the main menu under “Painters’ Galleries” and scroll down to Stefan’s name.

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