I wish I could tell you where I first saw the work of Marc Mussat, but I cannot, but I’m glad I did.IMG_0057 Marc was gracious enough to send me photos of his work for the site along with a brief bio of his work.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a work, I am not satisfied just seeing the work. I want to know something about the one who painted it. The work did not paint itself. Here is what Marc wrote:

I started painting mainly Airfix 54 mm plastic soldiers, using humbrols, in my younger days when I lived in England. Back in France  (I am French) I discovered a beautiful little shop called “Le Hussard du Marais” where I first saw  single oil painted figures, as well as vignettes and even dioramas.

It did not take me much to buy my first French 54 mm trooper, basic oils colours, and to have a go at it ; a real disaster! I am not the sort of person to give up easily, so gradually, I improved my oil technique slowly but steadily. Then came a 15 years period, when I did not  hold a brush  for a single time, having other hobbies.(model 1/48 planes was one example)
The interest in figure painting came back gradually, and although acrylics had become fashionable, I dicided to stick to oils. Going to a few shows, and meeting some great painters enhanced my interest in figure painting, and I was also very keen on painting flats (thanks to my friend Daniel Canet).
Altough  I occasionaly paint flats, I now spend most of my time painting round figures, and was happy to get my first gold medals at the Paris Montrouge and Sèvres shows (master painting)
I tried to send you a good sample of some of my work painted over  the last few years. Hope this will help you out.
Here is the sample of Marc’s work. For more I encourage you to visit his blog at: http://marcmussat.jimdo.com/

Photo 011 - Copie






























Copie de vauban (11)



1 thought on “The Work of Marc Mussat

  1. What a spectacular progression over only a very few years time ! One can feel the passion and tenacity to reach top class painting as ultimate goal?.
    In addition Marc is a charming person, helpful and sharing his knowledge with a lot of heart.
    His move to flat painting gives him new weapons, in mastering lights and shadows, ‘trompe-l’oeil” with his brush more than with the ambient lightening !!!
    Magnificient ….

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