I have said before that the quality of this site is due, to a large extent, to the thoughtfulness of other artists. Eric Talmant’s name should be no stranger to visitors of this site. His work is featured regularly. He has also contributed ideas and photos from his own collection of beautiful works from past masters.

Eric took the trouble to contact Francis Quiquerez for the pleasure of our visitors. I recall Francis’ name being brought up by other contributors like Andreas Barz and Philippe Fourquet. Now, we get to see a good number of his pieces.

Eric translated Francis’ letter:

My name is Francis Quiquerez, I was born in 1950 and lives in Colmar (East of the France).  

My initial training is a general fine arts education and specializations in printmaking and illustration. After starting in the edition of books for children (Gallimard, Bayard Presse, Red and Gold) I choose to pursue a career in education and become Professor of Plastic Arts in College and high school located near Colmar. Philippe Fourquet, met in the early 1980s, introduced me to toy soldiers and figurines
I am only interested in painting and only flats, regardless the historical period. Through one of my main interest, “Native North American Indians” and the purchase of flats (Historia Müller and Schmittdiel), I made my first painting .
And then very quickly it became a true  passion: I learnt how beautiful a figurine could be, how to appreciate a nice engraving and a clear casting and I discovered the fantastic variety of subjects existing in the flat world  
I only paint with oil any subjects of any scales.
My illustrator background  conducted me to dioramas and figure design.
Creating sceneries and backgrounds of course adds to realism and quality 
I am a member of the AFCFEF (Association des Figurinistes et Collectionneurs de Figurines de l’Est de la France, afcfef.fr ), and meetings, exchanges, exhibitions, trips to Kulmbach maintain my passion. 
I designed around 40 figures for the association, private individuals and other editors; many of them can be seen on the AFCFEF website. 
Meeting a collector of Strasburg Paper Soldiers (a tradition in the  East of  France) pushed me toward this particular specialty and I now draw, cut and paint the subjects, always on paper and with gouache,  from 80 to 120 mm.     



















What a beautiful display of Francis’ work!

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  1. Francis and Philippe are regular visitors of our collectors´meeting in Freiburg/Black Forest and so I have the privilege to enjoy their breathtaking work “live” every month. And I am also a proud owner of some figures painted Francis Quiquerez and Philippe Fourquet. Both are nice fellow collectors and great gentlemen to boot.

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