I don’t recall where I first saw Debbie Volquarts work, but I remember being impressed with the beautiful blending of her colors. I asked her if she would be interested in sending me some of her “flat” work. She consented. I think you will agree that she is a talented painter.

I asked her to tell us a little about herself and her painting technique. She writes:

“My name is Debbie Volquarts and I was born in Germany in 1985. As I’m the daughter of Michael Volquarts, who is a miniature painter for more than 40 years, I grew up in a miniature  painting household. Since I was little we travelled to miniature shows all over the world and at some point my father’s hobby and passion became mine too.
“Some years ago my good friend Catherine Césario, who unfortunately is no longer with us, encouraged me to paint a flat figure. She was convinced that my painting style would also work with flats so I gave it a try. Since then I can’t stop painting flats as I enjoy it very much.
“For painting I use humbrol as a “first” primer. After that I use acrylics in order to set the basic colors for the miniature (no shading at this point). And finally I paint with my favorite medium which is oils. My favorite painting subject is fantasy.”

Her results are impressive.


Thank you Debbie.

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  1. Some great brush work here, my compliments, good to see some more female flat painters

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