I ran across Davide Chiarabella’s work on Facebook. Someone I am “friends” with posted some of his work. I liked it and asked to be “friends” so I could see everything he posted. He started posting “flats.” Oh, were they beautiful. I, finally, contacted him and asked for his permission to post some of his work here. He was glad to help. We even engage in a brief “Skype” call. He gave me a brief video tour of his workroom.

Davide is a professional. He makes his living painting figures. I would starve if I were a professional. I think I would have to pay people to take my work. People pay Davide for his work. That says a lot about the quality of his work.


Here are some examples of his work:

foto 1

foto 2


Here’s another photo of Davide relaxing at the beach.


Davide usually paints with oil, but the follow piece was painted in acrylics.

foto 1-1

foto 2-1

foto 3

foto 4

foto 5

The figures that follow are the ones that initially caught my attention and prompted me to get in touch with him.





Davide also paints fully round figures. What follows is an example:

For more of Davide’s work, go to his website: www.kitshow.net/chiarabella

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