Several weeks ago I was browsing through some of the past issue of the International Flat Figure Society’s and ran across a beautifully painted piece. It had the winning combination of being beautifully engraved and beautifully painted. How can you beat that!!!

Reiner's piece

The piece (above) was painted by Andreas Reiner and entered at the Kulmbach Show some years back.

I finally found a website with Andreas’ name associated with it, emailed those associated with it, and received an email from Andreas.

I asked him a few questions about his painting career and style along with a few other questions and here is Andreas’ reply:

1. At the age of 14 my friend visited the Austrian Tinfigure Museum which was in Pottenbrunn at that time. (Now it is in Katzelsdorf.) He bought an unpainted flatfigure there and I was fascinated! From this time on I painted a few flats but mostly round figures, the last 5 years mostly flats ÜÜÜ.

2. I mainly paint with oils but sometimes I use an acryllic paint for the first coat. I like the oils for shading and fine details and the acryllics for the matt finish. The brushes I use are from “Windsor & Newton”, for me the best quality!

3. My favourite engravers are Ludwig Franck, Daniel Lepeltier, Wolfgang Friedrich and any other good engraver, whose pieces are fine in details, correct in anatomy and dynamic!

Andreas also arranged for some of his work to be sent for the post. I will also create a gallery of his work. We owe Detlef Belaschk and Franz Rieder “Thanks” for sending us the work below. I am going to separate the photos sent because the ones sent by Detlef represent pieces from his website and I want to direct you to his site as well. The first five figures are painted by Andreas and can be purchased unpainted from Detlef here.






The next set of photos were sent by Franz Rieder. The photos were taken by Paul Draxler. Copyright belongs to the tin figure museum in Kazelsdorf. A big thanks to Franz Rieder, Paul Draxler and the Tin Figure Museum in Kazelsdorf for permission to post these beautiful photos of Andreas’ work.

seite 5 Nr.1-1

Seite 6 Nr 2- (2)


Seite 8 Nr 4 (1)

seite 9 - Nr 5 (1)-1


seite 11 - Nr 7 (1)

seite 12 -Nr 8 Kopie (1)

seite 13 -Nr 9 (1)

seite 14 Nr 10 (2)

seite 15 -Nr 11 Kopie (1)

seite 16 -Nr 12 (1)

seite 17 -Nr 13 (1)

seite 19

seite 20

seite 21

seite 23 - Kopie

seite 24-1

seite 25

seite 27 dehli 1683 olddhafer

seite 30 türk Off 1683 Kiel

seite 35 d

seite 35 f

seite 35 z (1)

seite 35

seite 35a

seite 35b

seite 35c

And here are a few non-flats:

seite 28a Fa enigma

seite 27 alexandros

Thanks to everyone involved that made this post possible. And a special thanks to Andreas!

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