By now, readers of this site know that I have relied heavily on Andreas Barz’ expertise with his MA degree in Art History. I asked him if he would send me some of the favorite pieces he has painted himself. I was not surprised to see some fully round figures in the mix. Many flat figure painters started in fully round figures, or still paint both round and flat figures. Here are some of the pieces Andreas has painted:

Ancient Crete

Ancient Crete (30MM flats, Editor: Wolfgang Hafer of Kassel)


Andreas Hofer Leader of the Tyrolian Uprising against Napoleon 1809

Andreas Hofer Leader of the Tyrollean Uprising against Napoleon
(54mm round figure, Editor: Hecker and Goros, Germany)


German Emperor Wilhelm I.

German Emperor Wilhelm I 1888 (Editor: Beneito)


John Bull

John Bull (Editor: Alan Topliss)


Medieval magicians

Medieval Magicians (Hobby Products)


Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant (Editor: Hecker and Goros)


The Pride of the Roman Empire

The Pride of the Roman Empire (Hobby Products, released after French cartoon “Asterix the Gaul)”


Theodor Körner of Freikorps Lützow

Theodor Körner of Freikorps Lützow (German poet and officer in the Freikorps Lützow. He fell in 1813 in a fight against Napoleonic Hussars, Editor: Roland Simon of Hamburg).


Ulysses, King of Ithaca

Ulysses, King of Ithaca (Editor: Andreas Barz, Sculptor: Günther Münther Mündl of Würzburg.)


Viking standard bearer

Viking Standard Bearer at the Battle of Maldon (Editor: Kreza-Modellbau of Wetzlar; Sculptor: Günther Mündl of Würzburg, an archaeologist)

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