One of the pleasant aspects of the “Flat” world is the network of friends created. Bernard Pecquet is one of those friends. He sent me a letter introducing Amalia Retuerto and her work. I am thrilled to share some of her work with you.

Bernard encouraged her to send me a few photos of her work and a brief write up about herself. She writes:

My name is Amalia Retuerto Elordi and I am from Spain. I work as a nurse in surgery in Paris. I always loved drawing, pencil and charcoal. I only started painting miniatures in 2000. I then joined the club of the AFM Montrouge. With the guidance of club members, I evolved by painting full round, then flat figures. Today I make creations “Magic sculp.” I then paint with oil paint.

Here is a sample of her work:





Thank you, Amalia.

2 thoughts on “The Work of Amalia Retuerto Elordi

  1. Amalia’s work is always stunning and eye catching. Her treatment of light and shadow has always impressed me. I always look forward to see what new creations she has made.

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