When people described the show in Kulmbach as the “Mecca” of the flat tin world, they were right. I met so many talented painters and engravers, collectors and people informed about the flat tin world, it was overwhelming.

I was introduced to Philippe Fourquet and set up an interview and gallery of his work shortly after the show

Philippe Fourquet
Philippe Fourquet

last year. Andreas Barz and Philippe are fellow collectors. a month ago Andreas sent another piece painted by Philippe. I am embarrassed to say I just found it two days ago. I wondered, “Where in the world did that come from?” It was hidden from me in a multi chained letter correspondence I had with Andreas, and I simply overlooked.

Andreas identifies it as a 30mm flat painted by Philippe Fourquet, and as a gift. It was edited by Siebert Wagner of Hannover, and engraved by Ewald Kovar of Vienna. “It shows the secret wedding of Romeo and Juliet and it is part of a greater set on Romeo and Juliet edited by  Siebert Wagner after Shakespeare’s tragedy.”

Romeo und Julia

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