There are two categories of flats from Jack Muldoon of The Little Tin Soldier. The first category includes new flats from other manufacturers, and the second category includes new flats from a new manufacturer of flats. The new manufacturer is Jack Muldoon. First things first: new flats from other manufacturers. Western Miniatures is offering two new Flower Fairies—not of the Mike Taylor collection. Jack will be carrying the Western Miniature line.

lavender nmt-flower-fairies


The second category I mentioned introduces a new line of flats produced by The Little Tin Soldier. Casting new figures is a new venture for the company. The first figure is an American Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene, Guilford Courthouse, N. Carolina, March 1781. It is 54mm mounted and engraved on both sides. The second figure will soon follow. Jack says, “This will start our line of strictly American Historical subjects. The General was engraved by Dr. Egon Krannich. Dr. Krannich is also engraving the second figure. Here are a couple of photos of the first flat:



The first figure is already available for purchase.

In the US, Jack has become the “go to” man for flats. When I ask flat painters, “Where did you get that figure?” they inevitably tell me “Jack Muldoon.” Jack has been a US distributor for many. I think it is great to see someone in the US take on the venture of a new line. Are there any others in the US? Comment below.

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