We have a treat in store for us. Several weeks ago, Vladimir Nuzhdin sent me a link to a 45 minute program dedicated to Flat Tin Figures. It was in Russian, but I didn’t care. I watched the entire program with great interest. Of particular interest to me was the appearance of Vladimir in two major sections of the program. He is interviewed by the host of the TV program. I have only seen photos of Vladimir. It was a pleasure to hear his voice.

Well, Vladimir told me that the program was also dubbed in English, and he sent me the entire video for the web site. Now, those of us who speak English, can enjoy the program that much more.

I am posting it here for your pleasure, thanks to our friend, Vladimir.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



1 thought on “The History of Toys: Tin Soldiers

  1. That was truly a pleasure, Thank you for posting.
    I just wish the program could of featured some of the truly world class flat artist out there.

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