From time to time I run across items so good, I think they deserve sharing with readers—even though it is not from the flat tin world.

Nick Infield is a professional camera man in the film industry. He is also an accomplished miniaturist. Over the past several years, he brings his scratch built scenes from Hollywood to SCAHMS Shows. They are clearly in a class all their own.

This year he brought his rendering of a scene from “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” It was a sight to see, and of course you needed to be there to experience it for yourself. Here are some photos Nick took with some high end photography equipment at his disposal.







The photos above were taken by Nick with top notch professional equipment available to him through his connection with the studios. I happened to take a snap shot with my iPhone at the SCAHMS Show. I am including it only because it will help give you a sense for the size of the diorama. Strategically positioned above the piece was a light shining down simulating light from the sun.


Nick’s biography:

From a very early age, Nick Infield has been fascinated with model making. Growing up in London, he spent much of his time working with miniatures and creating tiny worlds. Not much has changed.

After working as a stagehand in England through the 1970’s. Nick began playing with cameras. Assisting in the still photography world, he started shooting fashion, portraits, architecture and miniatures. He then launched into music videos, from James Brown and Stevie Wonder to the Clash and The Rolling Stones. Assisting in television and features, Nick has been involved in many hundreds of projects over his thirty seven year in the film industry.

Drawing from his camera experience, he continues to dwell in the Lilliputian surroundings he was so drawn to as a child. Reconstructing iconic film sets on a minute scale, the artist uses a variety of materials over the course of great lengths of time to explore a given project. There is a peace in the process, and a commitment to his curiosity.

Nick live in Glendora, CA with his wife, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 adult children. He continues to work in commercials, television, and most of all his passion of modeling.

I think this piece is still for sale. If you are interested, please contact Nick at his email address:

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  1. not from flat world, could also extend to canevas, sculpture, musique… modelism,ships?

    1. Michel, I started this website to conveniently store items relating to the flat world that I thought were useful and/or beautiful. It makes for a very handy filing system, and because it is a part of the worldwide web, it also made it convenient to share the information. I had absolutely no idea that the site would be found as useful to others. And, as you can imagine, I run across items now and then that I want to share that are outside the realm of flats. So, I include, now and then, other items of beauty. That is why you will find a few exceptions to the flat world on this site. Do you have something in mind?

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