From the looks of his other works, Mr. Romanov paints fantasy figures and game figures. For example,




(For more examples go to:

Among all these works of art, there happens to be a flat that caught my attention—so much so, that I have visited the page several times just to study the piece. It appears in Benedikt Widmann’s catalogue, engraved by Andreas Trost. It is 70mm. No doubt, several viewers have painted this piece, one of which is beautifully displayed in the catalogue.

Artem Romanov just finished painting the piece displayed below and says it is his first flat and that he had great fun painting. “It’s very interesting to work on flats, so you’ll see some flat figures painted by me in the future. Bacchantin was painted with oils and acrylics.”


I hope to see more of his work in the world of flats.

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