Most of us have someone or someones we owe a debt of gratitude to for what we have learned from them. Penny Meyer is one of those people. Several years ago, my good friend, Jim Mendoza, and I attended a workshop conducted at a SCAHMS Show. The workshop was conducted by Penny Meyer on the “Grisaille” method. In essence, we learned to paint a flat in grayscale before applying color. We never got past the grayscale part of the process in that two day seminar. Penny could make a piece look beautifully finished in grayscale.

Penny has also committed to contributing significantly to this website. You will be glad she did.

A while ago, she posted photos on facebook with brief remarks on each step of the process she went through to paint a beautiful piece by Gary Dombrowski. (I hope to contact him for permission to include some of his work. You’ll see why below.) It is not a “flat” in the traditional sense of engraving figures out of slate and pouring tin to create the figure. It is, as they say, a “semi-round” figure. I just posted work like this by Ken Farrar in England. Check it out here.)

Someone recently posted a request on this site wanting more information on the “Grisaille” method. Here you go:


Primed in Tamiya White


 Grayed with dark Prussian blue and dark black brown


Highlights with dark Prussian blue and dark black brown and white


 Finished medium gray highlights


Added black to dark gray shadows


 Added ultramarine blue to dark gray mix, mostly blue for shadow


 Added medium gray for contrast, and am ready for color.





Glazes of acrylic in washes eventually build up. I used Windsor-Newton Watercolor blending medium to blend the colors on the face. This slows the drying time a little and changes the properties of the acrylic a little bit. The skin color pallet is Apple Barrel Cardinal Red
Apple Barrel Medium Flesh
Liquitex Basics (Matt) Burnt Umber
Liquitex Basics (Matt) Ultramarine Blue
Delta Ceramcoat Terra Cotta
Windsor Newton Artist Acrylic Naples Yellow
Windsor Newton Artist Acrylic Raw Sienna


Lt violet brown highlights, added Ultramarine Blue to shadows to cool them down.

Penny displayed this at the Valley Con Show in Pasadena Sunday. I took a photo, but I didn’t get a great shot of it. I hope I am not doing injustice to the piece.

Penny's Bugler

(For a larger picture, click on the image above.)

Perhaps you have a question about what Penny has done. If I get enough questions, perhaps I can send them to her and she can do a brief write up in response.

Thanks Penny.

3 thoughts on “Step by Step (SBS) by Penny Meyer

  1. Invaluable information – so pleased that Penny has committed to share her skills. Ohh boy – I have a lot to relearn about laying down colour! Steven, again many thanks. Great to see the site gathering momentum.

    Also – nice to see that you are embracing other sectors of the ‘Flat World’; as a relief sculptor this is very welcome.


  2. Steven, your website is coming along nicely and I am very proud for you. I hope to contribute more for you soon and I am glad to see a positive comment from Rich Odell. I love the demi-round he is sculpting and you have photos of. Will you produce it Rich?

    1. Hi Penny – unfortunately not this one, its the first sculpt after many years and not up to standard that I would feel happy putting in circulation. Next sculpts coming up – most definitely! Got a lot of really nice subjects coming up – very similar to this work. When the first appears would it be appropriate to send yourself and Steven a complimentary casting for critique?

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