I know I am not in a position to judge between engravers. I neither have the skill, nor have I seen enough work by others to judge. But one thing I can say is I absolutely love the work of a few, Vladimir Nuzhdin being one of them. Seeing his work brings me a certain pleasure, a delight. Recently, he posted a new work he has been engraving. He has completed the work and sent me a photo of his work. He also posted a photo of his work station. Wouldn’t you enjoy looking over his shoulder to watch him work?

The first photo is of his work station:

гравёрный стол

The next photo is of his latest work. It is taken from a piece by Ricciardo MEACCI, in 1897. The piece is called “St. Michael Slaying the Dragon. The dimensions are 43.70 cm high by 24.80 cm wide. (I hope I have this right based on the information Vladimir sent along with the photo.)

Архангел Михаил

The next photo is of St. Michael Slaying the Dragon as a work in progress:

Ар. Михаил

Here is a slightly closer look at Vladimir’s workbench.


He said it will be a while before he is able to make these available. I know some people who want to be first in line to get one. I’ll settle for second in line.

Beautiful work, Vladimir.

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