I have been a member of SCAHMS (Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society) for several years now. Membership has no doubt, sharpened my thinking about how to paint—and to even consider sculpting. You cannot help but improve when around the likes of Bill Horan, Penny Meyer, Dave Whitford, Steve Durling, and a host of others.

Bill Horan treated us to a sculpting tutorial this past Saturday. I know this site is dedicated to flats—engraved and sculpted. Bill sculpts beautiful fully round 54mm figures that have won accolade after accolade in a host of major world venues. For the sake of expanding the borders of this site, I am including the 5 part session here. I hope you enjoy them. Bill makes the world of sculpting less strange and less mysterious for me.






Perhaps Bill’s best known work is the Last Stand at Gandamak (pictured below):


Here are a couple more photos of his work:



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