The SCAHMS Show 2016 is over. SCAHMS is an acronym for Southern California Area Historical Historical Society. The Society was put together by the likes of Bill Horan, and dedicated to Historical figures. But, the Society has been open to flat tin figure painters as well, as you can imagine with the likes of Penny Meyer as one of our members.

In my opinion, the quality of figures, both round and flat, was very high this year. There were a host of beautifully painted figures. (I am glad I am not one of the judges.) This year brought five flat figure painters.

Penny displayed three of her most recent pieces, including the one she received “Best of Show” for at the Kulmbach Show in 2015.





Ed Cepauskas brought several pieces as well. He said he has changed up his technique some since last year. I encourage you to look for the 3-Part Step-by-Step Ed wrote up for us last year.





Chuck Smith was at the show with a number of pieces. I was able to pester him with questions much of the day, it seemed, until I thought I understood the technique he uses to paint. I’m going to give it a try. You can check out the SBS he provided a couple of years ago on this site. Here are the pieces he had on display. (You might want to check out Chuck’s gallery as well. I will add these to the gallery ASAP.










Randy Myer displayed a beautiful set of four full round bust figures, and one flat of von Richthofen. Here is the flat.


I am embarrassed to say I did not get the name of the painter of the last entry here. If anyone knows who it was, please let me know.


Perhaps next year’s show will attract even more flat tin painters.

I plan to post some of the full round figures as well.

(All the photos in this entry were taken with my new iPhone 6s phone. It has 12 megapixels. The one of Penny’s “The Kid” was taken at the highest resolution. I have an issue with what cameras are not able to capture, but I am very happy with these pics.)



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