October’s meeting was an all day workshop. It was like a who’s who with so many talented painters and sculptors present. Bill Horan even showed up to display his most recent diorama. He was taking it to the Chicago show.


Also on display was Penny Meyer’s “Best of Show” at Kulmbach (2015). Franz Winkler said there were a number of exceptional pieces on display this year from a number of accomplished artists, but, to quote Franz, Penny’s piece was “perfect.” What a compliment.


I was, finally, able to get Randy Myer’s piece back to him. It is not your traditional tin figure. It was a piece sculpted by Rich Odell—a beautiful piece unpainted. But Randy took it and produced a stunning painting out of it. You can’t go wrong when you pair a beautiful sculpt with a beautiful painting. Randy won a bronze for his piece.


Randy also had this piece on display at the meeting.


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