SCAHMS is an acrostic for Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society. It was established by names as prominent as Bill Horan and Michael Good. Current membership includes names like Lars Liljiblad, Dave Whitford and Penny Meyer.

Penny won Best of Show at the Kulmbach Show in 2016. She is partly known for gray scaling her figures before applying color. She is engaging in an experiment to see if the color she uses to gray scale a figure makes any difference in the final results. She brought three pieces all the same piece, edited by Mike Taylor and engraved by Daniel Lepeltier, and gray scaled in different colors.




She also brought in a piece that is all but complete.


This next bit has nothing to do with flats, but Steve Durling, another award winning painter of the society, did a tutorial on how to make armor look like metal. The video of his technique will be posted on the SCAHMS website soon, but here are a few pics of his work. Again, I must remind you that the pics do not do justice to Steve’s work. The red cape looked like the real thing seeing it “in person.”





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