Jim Horan introduced me to a business man from Sri Lanka named Sanath Fernando. Sanath owns a figure painting company.

I sent him a few questions to learn more about his business.

1. What are Fernando Enterprises?

Fernando Enterprises is a miniature painting service located in Sri Lanka, painting Round & Flat figures of all scales in Plastic or Metal.

2. How did the business of painting miniatures begin?

I was an exporter of Gems. Father of a customer of mine in US was a wargamer & he wanted to start a business selling painted minis in the US market. He was looking for a source to paint them at a reasonable cost. This proposal was brought to me and I did few samples according to his instructions and they were ok. So he started sending large unpainted armies for painting in Sri Lanka. The business of painting miniatures slowly expanded and now we have about 100 people working. We have provided our service to more than 2500 customers worldwide . We are very well known in wargames hobby as well as among zinnfiguren collectors as a quality miniature painting from Sri Lanka. I am promoting my business on internet & print Media.

Photos of Fernando Enterprises:




Painting Flat figures

Painting section


For examples of flat tin figures painted, click

If you would like to visit his business site further, click

Thank you, Sanath.


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