I met Randy Myers through the Southern California Historical Miniature Society (SCAHMS). I recall our first meeting. I was looking at the “Show and Tell” before the meeting began and wondered why anyone would want to display their pre-painted figure. I later discovered that it was not only unpainted, but sculpted by Randy. Words escape the level of respect I had for him that night. I knew I was in a class of very talented people.

I have posted other works of Randy’s on this site. This is his recent work on Rommel. He comments:

This is a big flat, I’d guess 1/6th scale maybe. It had some issues I needed to correct: I added his left breast pocket (odd thing for the engraver to miss), a new cap eagle (just a flat piece of plastic card), I slightly changed his eye and mouth to make it a better likeness, and removed hairy sideburns that shouldn’t have been there. The face is oils, and the rest is Humbrols. I have some problems with this paint job; I couldn’t get the iron cross to look enough like metal to satisfy me. I could use some advice on that.


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