Roger posted this piece on Facebook and I asked for permission to post it here. He sent me a write up on his project.

25th Foot

Roger writes:

The three figures represent a Grenadier, a fifer and a battalion company Private of the 25th Foot (Semphills) which fought at Culloden in 1746. I have used a bit of artistic licence as the actual uniforms worn at Culloden are a bit vague but I think they are near enough for my purposes.

The figures are 54mm and from Fredericus Rex.

They have been painted with a mixture of Water Mixable Oils, Winton and Artists Oils, all by Winsor & Newton. Since showing these I have had a lot of favourable comments regarding the red of the uniforms soI will try to explain how I did the reds and what colours were used.

The base coat was done with Vermillion Hue from the Winton range applied in several thin coats until I was happy with the coverage.

Shadows were then applied with a mix of the base colour + Oxide of Cromium, again a Winton colour. This was done in several thin coats slowly building up the depth of shadow.

Highlights were done using Winton Cadmium Orange Hue and further highlights with Cadmium Yellow Hue Artisan Water Mixable Oil and a final highlight on the extreme high points with Winton Naples Yellow Hue.

All succesive layers or glazes were done wet on dry. I have tried painting wet on wet on previous painting projects but the majority of time that has only led only to a muddy mess. One thing that painting with oil has taught me is patience.

The groundwork was done using materials from a local model railway shop and the wooden base was supplied by Ulrich Biroth. Ulrich has a range of bases specifically designed for flats. He can be contacted through his website Custom made bases can also catered for if you have a specific size in mind.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make comments.

Thanks Roger.

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