Rich’s sculpt of “Amy Johnson” was a hit. The sculpting and the casting were exceptional. I don’t know if he has outdone himself or not, but a project Rich has had on the proverbial drawing board has finally come to life. He calls his latest creation “The Western  Girl.” I know he has a couple of units all ready to go and that he intends to cast several more by the weekend, so he is comfortable taking orders now. If interested, you can learn more about the piece and how to order it here.

Here are the photos. The first is the sculpt; the second, the casting.



3 thoughts on “Rich Odell’s “The Western Girl”

  1. Masterfully sculpted. Immaculate casting. A beautiful piece. Congratulations.

  2. It is even more impressive when you are holding it in your hand and able to move it around in the light to produce cast shadows. Rich’s work is very impressive, I agree.

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