I posted a relief Rich Odell was sculpting early on in the life of this website. He and I have kept in touch with each other, and I asked him to keep me informed of anything new. He is working on a new relief and chronicling each step of his progress. I am looking forward to watching his progress and learning as he goes. I even have a project I would like to try, but you know how it is, these people with talent make it look deceptively simple.

Rich has a new website up and running. It is beautiful in design. He gave me permission to copy and paste the entire tutorial on this site, but I think it might be better for everyone to get used to going to his site to see his work. Even though he has his own site, we’re not letting him go. I’ll still keep you posted on the progress of this new project and on  works to coming.

I would like to reproduce a paragraph from Rich’s new tutorial that should serve as a caution to all of us. This, to my way of thinking, is one of those hidden dangers in the art world. It has to do with copyright law.

If you are going to use any image from the Internet, get permission from the copyright owner for its use (especially if your sculpture is to be cast and sold!). A lot of  images that are thought to be in the public domain are not and you could be infringing copyright by producing “a likeness” of that person. Please take care in your choice of image or painting, in both reproduction on websites and social media. The image I am using on this project is available to share and reuse under the terms of the IWM Non Commercial Licence.

I, for one, thank Rich for forewarning all of us of the legality (or illegality) of infringing on someone else’s creative property.

His new project is on a London Ambulance Column. You can find his new site at: http://www.richardodell.com/work-in-progress/london-ambulance-column.html. I think he is even planning to manufacture this one for those of us who would like to collect it—and paint it.

Thanks Rich.

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