I just received two copies of Rich Odell’s London Ambulance Column in the mail. These two pieces, like everything else I see, look better “in person” than they do from a photograph. Now, don’t get me wrong, Rich’s work looks great in photos, but just imagine how much better they look in hand. (I think most of you know what I mean by this.)

If you will head over to Rich’s website, you will find some additional information detailing the outfit. Just click here:

Thanks Rich.

4 thoughts on “Rich Odell’s London Ambulance Column

  1. Hi Steve, like you I also have had the opportunity to see this in the flesh as they say.
    Excellent sculpting Rich and it was great meeting you and having that chat at Euro Militaire.
    Cheers Ken

  2. Many thanks to all of you, so glad you liked the sculpt. Ken it was great day at Euro Militaire, I learnt so much from you from our chat. Penny, Steve has a casting of the figure for you, hopefully you receive it soon. Just finished renovating my new studio in the garden so I will be starting a new sculpt very soon.

    1. Hi Rich, Steven gave me the Ambulance Driver. It is a wonderful sculpt and the casting is flawless. It is on the workbench now, will get started by the end of the month painting it. Steven will put a step by step on this site. Thanks very much, it is a great figure and should be a pleasure to paint.

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