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Greg DiFranco

Greg DiFranco wrote a fascinating article on gray scaling a figure. I have read it numerous times and plan to read it again and again. Steve Weakley, the editor of Historical Miniature Magazine, told me that it was the most requested article in the history of the magazine. I am not surprised. With Greg’s gracious permission, it is available here as a reprint in pdf format. Painting Flats, DiFranco



Walter Fischer, feature photo

Chuck Smith sent me a reference to an article on flats by Walter Fischer in Campaigns Magazine.  I included it on the Resources page under “Magazine Articles.” Jim Horan mentioned the same article with no small amount of praise. I found a digital copy of the article and have tried everything possible to contact someone for permission to reproduce the article, but to no avail. I am taking the liberty of posting the article with the hope that I am not violating any copyright laws. I will take the post down if someone reissues an objection to it being posted here. Painting Flats, Walter Fischer.