I was first introduced to flat tin figures at SCAHMS Shows a number of years ago. Randy Myers, Penny Meyer, and Chuck Smith would display their annual gems.

Randy won a medal at the show in Kulmbach last year (2015) for his rendering of Amy Johnson, sculpted by Rich Odell.

Recently, he completed a bust of Von Richtofen. He writes,

This is a very nice flat and paints up handsomely. I found that I needed to paint “outside the lines” in several places to change the size and shape of a few details, and even add details that weren’t part of the engraving, to more closely match the photo on which this is based. I don’t have enough experience with flats and flat painters to know if this is commonly done, but it is easier than trying to change the engraving itself. The face, hat band and collar are painted in artist oils, while the rest of the uniform and metals are done in Humbrol  enamels.

Von Richtofen Flat


I created a new gallery of Randy’s work. It only has two items now, but I hope to add several more photos soon.

I look forward to seeing it at this year’s SCAHMS show in April.

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