SCAHMS is the Southern California Area Historical Miniature Society. Its claim to fame is that the likes of Bill Horan started the Society. When I attended my first meeting several members brought projects that were working on for the show-n-tell portion of the evening. One of the members was Randy Myers. Randy brought a Civil War Officer, 54mm. I wondered why he brought it, because it didn’t look like he had even begun painting it. When it came time for him to share his project, he informed us that he had just finished sculpting the figure. SCULPTING? Good night, I knew I was way out of my element in the talent department. The thought never entered my mind that he had sculpted the beautiful figure.

Randy is multi-talented when it comes to miniatures. He paints beautifully. He is a great sculptor, and he even tried his hand at some flats. I recall him entering them into some of the past SCAHMS Shows.

I emailed Randy asking if he had any photos handy of those flats, and as fortune has it, he did. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

The first one is called “Comrades.”

Randy Myers - Comrades

The next one is titled, “English Officer.”

Randy Myers - English Officer

Next: “Prussian Dragoon”

Randy Myers - Prussian Dragoon

Prussian Officer

Randy Myers - Prussian Officer

And finally, “Teutonic Knight”

Teutonic Knight flat

Thanks Randy.

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    1. Thanks for your help. If you paint any more, let me know and I will post them also.

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