In the last post, I included some painted pieces of Ken Farrar’s flat sculpts. I asked for photos of other people’s efforts to paint some of his works and received one today. This one is titled “Prisoners at Gettysburg.” The photo in this post was painted by David Pickford.

I find David’s painting fascinating for two reasons. First, I have been trying to learn how to paint flats (and fully round figures) by gray scaling them first. The fancy French word for this technique is “Grisaille.” Penny Meyer introduced me to this technique several years ago. Once you grayscale the piece, you apply washes or glazes of color. This is precisely what Mr. Pickford did, and I might add, beautifully. I would love to see him do this again to the same piece, and add the washes of color to it.

Second, this is the first flat David has ever attempted to paint. (Ouch!!!). I can only imagine what his 10th flat will look like. Ken describes him as “a very talented guy at my local club.” Ken was surprised by the piece when David presented it to him so he could display it on his stand at shows. Great work, David.

Gettysburg B&W


This is another Milmart product of Ken Farrar’s, and can be ordered from Milmart.

038 Prisoners at Gettysburg

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