Several posts ago, I posted the reprint of an article Greg DiFranco wrote for Historical Miniature Magazine. It is titled “Painting Flats.” Steve Weakley, the editor of the magazine, told me that it was the most requested article in the history of the magazine. It seems a shame that articles like this one would be buried in a magazine never to see the light of day. Doesn’t it make sense to make something of that value accessible? Steve Weakley and Greg DiFranco thought so, and consented to having it posted for the benefit of enthusiasts.

Walter Fischer, feature photoFor that reason, I have also posted a highly commended article by Walter Fischer. Walter’s article, by the same title—Painting Flats— was also buried, but in another magazine—Campaigns Magazine, another OOP magazine. It, too, is available on this site under Resources and Magazines.

I fear that these articles may still be buried on this site, so I have created a page under Resources titled “Reprinted Articles in pdf format.” You will find two articles to start the collection, the ones by Greg DiFranco and Walter Fischer. These are classics! No doubt, there are other articles that should be included.

If you know of any you think are worthy of reprinting, of salvaging from the buried past, let me know. I will do what I can to include them.

If you would like to take a look at the new page, go to “Resources” in the main menu and scroll down to “Reprinted Articles in pdf format.”

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